Nintendo Annual Report

Nintendo Annual Report

Class: Typography IV
Year: 2021
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

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Students were tasked with redesigning an annual report for a major company or non-profit organization. The primary goal was to represent important statistics and information in a way that was visually interesting and dynamic, while still maintaining clarity and visual hierarchy.

This annual report was done for the video game company Nintendo. Despite the negative impact which COVID-19 had on many companies, Nintendo actually saw an increase in revenue in the 2020 fiscal year. This was largely in part due to video games being an ideal way to have fun and communicate with friends and family while staying safe at home. The annual report highlighted this success, leaning into Nintendo’s philosophy of bringing people together through video games. It maintained Nintendo’s distinct design language and used iconic imagery from their most popular franchises to achieve their signature look. The goal kept in mind was that a person should be able to look at this annual report and quickly know which company it was for, even without any names or context.

The icons on the righthand side of each spread are intended to be a dynamic navigation system, however this functionality does not work with modern PDF files and thus is simply a visual inclusion.